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Our Story

Our Story

We have lived in Georgia since 2000, and I (Anna) am a self-proclaimed coffee snob. I have come a long way from my days of Keurig and Flavia! I have gone through so many coffee transitions, from these machines, to French press, to Chemex, and finally to the only option being a good quality espresso machine that can extract the coffee just right!

We began our first coffee shop, South Marble Coffee House, in the quaint town of Rockmart, GA, on South Marble Street! Rockmart is an old town built on slate mining. We scored a beautiful 150 year old building to house our shop, and we roast our beans there. 

We were approached by a man who owned a complex in Acworth, who was looking for a coffee shop to fill one of the spaces. And that's how Marble House Coffee began!

Today, you will find Marble House Coffee filled with laughter, amazing pastries and savory foods, and the highest quality beverages you can get your hands on. Our baristas are trained in the art of customer service, as well as food and drink prep.

We pride ourselves on very small batch roasted beans, which require patience and precision. The finished product is a bean that is never burned, always full-bodied, and very tasty. 

Visit today, and introduce yourself as you come in! We are always excited to meet new friends.

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